Chitral has a Mediterranean environment, with warm summers and cold winters, with heavy snowfall occurring normally in Chitral Valley. Cold spells that have swept across Chitral can be deadly as locals have died of the extreme numbing temperatures in the past. Chitral is known for snowfall and deadly avalanches. The road that goes towards Chitral is very dangerous as it’s one of the narrowest roads in the world, and it is situated in the world’s largest mountain range. It is planned to be a one lane road but it is used as a two-lane road. The route is very unstable, without any safety and faces extreme glaciers where temperatures can plummet to -30C.




In Summers 36°C
In Winters -26°C


From Lahore   722km
From Islamabad 389km
From Karachi  1757km


The Chitral is situated at an elevation of 1,494 metres (4,902 feet)

UV Index

Use Sunblock

It is advisable to check the weather forecast before finalizing your plans to ensure accuracy.


Bumbret Valley
Chitral Valley
Shandur Pass
Kalasha Valley
Karamabar Lake
Trich Mir
Rumber Valley
Garam Chashma
Chitral Fort
Chitral Gol National Park
Gulzar Mahal
Farid Gate