Multan is a city and capital of Multan Division situated in Punjab, Pakistan. Located on the bank of the Chenab River, Multan is Pakistan’s 7th largest city, and is the main cultural and economic centre of southern Punjab.

Multan’s history gives deep into ancient times. The antique city was site of the popular Multan Sun Temple, and was overwhelmed by Alexander the Great during the Mallian Movement. Multan was one of the most significant trading centers of primitive Islamic India, and attracted a gathering of Sufi spiritualists in the 11th and 12th centuries, earning the city the nickname City of Saints. The city, along with the nearby city of Uch, is famous for its large number of Sufi shrines dating from that era.


  1. Lahore to Multan: 339 K.M.

  2. Islamabad to Multan: 538 K.M.

  3. Karachi to Multan: 886 K.M.

Weather & height

  • + 52 Degrees

  • + 08 Degrees

  • Multan is 122 meters (400 ft) above sea level

Attractions and places to visit

  • Shrine of Bahudin Zikriya
  • Shrine of Shah Rukn-e-Alam
  • Ghanta Ghar
  • Delhi Gate
  • Haram Gate
  • Head Muhammad Wala
  • Tomb Shah Ali Akbar
  • Uch Sharif
  • Char Minar Masjid
  • Dolat Gate
  • Shrine of Mai Mahrban
  • Nigar Khana
  • Khuni Burj
  • Bohar Gate
  • Hafiz Sohn Halwa
  • Shopping