Who Are WE?

Our vision

Envisioning a world where every traveller’s heart is captivated by the magic of Pakistan, Totally Travels stands as a beacon of excellence. Our vision transcends mere exploration; it’s about forging connections, fostering understanding, and leaving an indelible mark on every traveller’s soul. We are the bridge between curiosity and discovery, creating a tapestry of memories that transcend time.

Our mission

At Totally Travels, our mission is to ignite the spirit of exploration and create unforgettable travel experiences in the heart of Pakistan. Fueled by a team of passionate, experienced, and highly educated individuals, we are committed to unveiling the hidden gems of our diverse nation.

Our core values

At Totally Travels, integrity is the cornerstone of our commitment to the community. We take pride in consistently making ethical choices and strive to be the best in every aspect of our service. Our dedication extends to fulfilling responsibilities and commitments to both our valued customers and trusted vendors.


We actively cultivate a culture of innovation, encouraging individuals to challenge conventional norms and explore beyond boundaries. Our collaborative teams unite to seamlessly implement forward-thinking ideas and initiatives, ensuring a dynamic and progressive approach to our services.


As leaders in the pursuit of excellence, we embrace personal responsibility and maintain a performance-driven, results-oriented ethos. Our organization is dedicated to delivering exceptional outcomes that go beyond expectations, setting a high standard for industry excellence.

Customer Centricity

Our customers are the heartbeat of Totally Travels, and understanding their needs is our passion. We thrive on the challenge of comprehending both realised and unrealised objectives, consistently exceeding customer expectations through superior services and innovative solutions.


Respecting the values, beliefs, culture, and history of our customers is paramount to us. We champion gender equality in all aspects of our work, fostering an environment of respect and inclusivity. At Totally Travels, every interaction reflects our deep commitment to mutual respect and understanding.

our services

Embark on extraordinary adventures with our tourism solutions that go beyond expectations. At Totally Travels, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive and innovative experiences, dedicated to exceeding client expectations within the pillars of quality, responsibility, equity, and sustainable development.

Our commitment includes:

Adventure Offerings: Unleash the thrill of sightseeing, rock climbing, hiking, trekking, wall climbing, mountaineering, camping, rafting, paragliding, horse riding, caving, and shooting. We maintain unparalleled standards, ensuring an uncompromised quality of services.

Environmental Responsibility: We actively control and minimize the environmental impact of our activities and services, prioritizing eco-friendly practices.

Equal Opportunities and Gender Equity: We champion equal opportunities and gender equity, fostering an inclusive environment in all aspects of our operations.

Continuous Improvement: We are dedicated to continually enhancing our management system to provide seamless and unparalleled experiences.

Community Support: Contributing to local communities is ingrained in our values. Through socio-economic initiatives and the preservation of local culture, we strive to make a positive impact.

Compliance: We diligently adhere to legal requirements, regulations, and our company’s procedures, ensuring transparency and trust.

Experience the pinnacle of adventure and responsible tourism with us at Totally Travels. Every journey is crafted to not only meet but surpass your expectations, leaving you with unforgettable memories. Join us as we redefine travel experiences in the spirit of quality, responsibility, and sustainability.